About Us

Jay'z Custom Smokers was started in 2007 at the urging of family and friends. My name is Jay Miller and after building my 3rd mobile pit, each one getting bigger and bigger, I thought maybe they were right. I only buy my steel from local steel companies and fabricators and do all the design work, welding, cutting, grinding, placements, and painting myself. Each item is handmade by one person, start to finish. I am located in the middle of the United States: Springfield, MO, and I am proud of what I build. I hope you enjoy the site and don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in anything.

Address: 435 S. Ingram Mill Road, Springfield, MO 65802  (417)840-5711 

Every thing you see on our website to this point has been designed to a custom nature. The firepits started out that way, but we have manufactured more of them than anything else. Anything you see on the site can be changed/customized, added to, subtracted from, etc... Don't think that what you see is the only way to get it. Custom is our MIDDLE name! 


Shipping has it’s own set of issues. Picking up is optimal; that way you, the buyer, gets to inspect everything prior to leaving the shop. If you choose your unit to be shipped, we will make every effort to protect your purchase and choose an affordable carrier, or deliver it ourselves. If for some reason your smoker arrives damaged, refuse it with the carrier and ship it back with notes on how it arrived. Let us know as soon as possible so we can get started on repairs and get it back to you in a timely manner. Delivery of a smoker constitutes your driveway. Special arrangements can be made for “placement” for additional fees. 


Your smoker/grill is constructed with ¼” steel (sometimes thicker) and is guaranteed against burn out in the fire box for as long as the original owner keeps it. With a little maintenance, your smoker will last a lifetime. The tailgating grills have a limited one year warranty against manufacturer defects for the original owner.  None of our warranties covers fire grates, rust, abuse, or neglect. Jay’z Custom Smokers reserves the right to distinguish between rust, abuse, neglect, or burn out. You must retain the original invoice for warranty purposes.


To insure maximum life of your smoker, always coat the inside with cooking or peanut oil. For best results, brush or wipe oil over all surfaces and corners. After coating, build a fire and let it burn out. This will help bake the coating into the steel. Be sure to clean after each use. Coat stainless food grates with cooking oil or Pam and cook in before food placement. Keeping your smoker covered/protected will preserve the life and exterior finish of it. It is virtually impossible to keep the fire box paint in pristine condition. After numerous fires, the paint will fade and in time, will tend to flake; all high heat paint is prone to this. When and if this happens, wire brush the area and repaint will high heat barbeque paint from any store that sells barbeques and accessories.  


At this time, we are not equipped to accept credit cards. We will accept cash, personal and business checks for prepayment and deposits only. We wait 15 days for check clearing, and funds receiving before we start your order. All pertinent information needs to be on the check; physical address included. A $35 NSF fee will be charged on retained checks. The 50% deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. Once ordered, you will receive a copy of the invoice spelling out the order specifics that must be signed by buyer to proceed with order. 

Due to the custom nature of our products, any features added, changed, modified, etc by the buyer after the initial order, must be verified in writing, approved by Jay, and signed by both parties. We can discuss changes over the phone, but written documentation is mandatory. There are no refunds on any orders due to the custom nature of our smokers. Any and all specifications and prices are subject the change at the manufacturers sole discretion.